Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy wala Birthday Little Bundle of Joy!!!

Little ...

I know I am being the dumbest pals you ever had!
Not just that I haven't wished you as yet (though there is just a few hours left for your 'special day' to end) I haven't even saved cash to get you a gift!!! :'(

So here is my Shameless Wishes !!! ...

Blow these candles ... When all are out your happiness will end !!! (:P its a picture ... you never gonna manage to blow even one out!) ... Make a wish! (preferably that I get a rechargable set of batteries.) ... Love me ... Cause I love you even more! Wow I'm gay! Anything for my Little (Bitchu) !!! Hahahaha ...

Now stop scratching your bum and call me ... Muah !!!

Love you Api Little !!! ;)

~ Happy


RMU said...

thankeee my louuu!!

Charely's Teapot. said...

louuuuuuuuuuuu yew too !!!

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