Friday, August 21, 2009

The Edge of Nowhere.

[Warning] Some of the characters in this story are character-less.Their names have been changed to maintain their confidentiality (Though they dont know what the damn thing is). Any resemblance to any person living or dead is not merely a co-incidence but a well planned accident.

8th August 2009

Swine Flu hits mumbai after a long time and is all over the paper like a hot celebrity!!!
Government declares holiday till the 21st to all schools and colleges in mumbai!

(On call...)
Happy: Hey! Wasap?
Crazy: Nothing yaar! Tu kya kar rahi hai?
Happy: Kya karu ... pak raha hai ... Tu school aa raha hai? Milthe hai!
Crazy: Tamma Tamma ... Chal milthe hai!
(So saying we manage to get the other 4 of the gang too and land up in school and spend the day in some faltu timepass)

After a mini-not-so-intresting vacation we all go to school again!

20th August 2009

(In class...)
The random bitching of the seniors and the politics behind the GS-UR-LR elections was on between the 7 out of 75 students present!
Happy: I got an event at Umang.
Madz: We all will come re ... OTSC bann sakthe hai na?
Happy: Haan yaar ... All of us will be from JJ's so the winner will have to be among us only :P
Madz: Cool!
Pri: I'm in too...

On the pretext of Umang event we leave class at 10am thought the event is at 4:15pm !!!

Madz: Kaminey dekhthe hai!!!
Happy: huh? Ok ...
Pri: Regel mein dekhthe hai!!!
Madz: But Crazy is not here ...
Wish: Call him naa ...
(number of calls were made to Crazy who didn't reply... Duffer was snoozing to glory!)
As plans where set we went to the theater and found its not playing the movie ... After a walk around ... a few mad lines ... a burger and milkshake at Mac's we reached the decided theater and bought tickets ... Crazy graces the theater with his presence 5 mins late!

Kaminey: Great cinematography. Good movie. Different story line. Like the comedy in such serious situations. Love Bopya!

Then the bunch of 5 went to the lonely school ... empty and isolated as the holiday continued as none of the students decided to come back on allotted date! We sat in a cozy corner and discussed ... and debated ... and sweared ... and tamma tamma! We revolted among our self about how we didn't want Rudyard Kipling's Birthplace to remain as it is and not be converted into a museum, how we didn't want a 5 floored modern building on our grounds, how Naturam Ghodse was right, How dumb some so-considered-great people where, blah blah ...
Retreated home at 6pm finally.

End of the day ... I did have fun ... But I didn't end up going for Umang where I registered to go! Should I have gone?

21st August 2009

I raise my head a little from my pillow to check outta my window ... Shit! Its pouring! Chuck it! I'm not going to school!
Aah! Forget ... I'll go ...
Little did I know that I'd meet all my Crack pals and have a fantablous time at that time ...

I reach VT at 10am ... Instead of going to JJ's I walk to Xaviers ... Warmly greeted by Mel ! Later to be joined by Beps and Kash! And of course Bep's guy Chirvy was there too !!! And again The gang goes to Mac's ... This time ... It was major fun ... Catching up with these guys after like 2 years !!! Crap talk ... Silly prodding ... Pulling legs ... chair fight ... funny photos !!!

I go back to Xav's to meet my Little-Bundle-of-Joy (because of whom I am even making this blog!)! Well not really interesting ... As she was busy practicing and I could get to talk to her for only 1/2 an hour !!! In which we were catching up and then suddenly she went ...

Little: I'm such a Bitch man!
Happy: huh? what? why so?
Little: Errrr.... I'm ashamed even to think about it ...
Happy: yea! Go ahead ...
Little: I can't stick to one guy long ... Not met the person who is not mediocre and is my level ...
Happy: Hahahahahhahahah... (OK i'm supposed to be serious.)
Little: hhehehehe ... No man ... I wouldn't be dating Ash if he was well now ... Its just because he is sick ... I have to prolong this ...
Happy: (I can't help not laugh here... She is soooo cute!) Arre ...
Little: He gets into my space man ... I don't need to all him all the time and tell him all I'm doing ... I need my space ... He seemingly caught me checking out another guy and went all emo!
Happy: Why the hell did you show him your checking out another guy? Argh!
Little: Arabs are hot!
Happy: ahhhahahahah ...

Her dance group called her for practice and so we had to cut short there!

I've been wondering ...
Like her ... And me ... And many others ... We can't really stick to people below our level ... And we even take time to realise that the person is not par us ... So ... Are we really being Bitches/Bastards? I mean ... Whats the harm in trying? You like something in someone and you'll hate something else! I can't really believe in the concept of "perfect match"! Things usually have a way of sorting themselves out.

Considering guys, it happens most of the time. Far too many men believe that the ultimate test of manhood is their performance in bed, and that they have to ace it every time.Truth be told,the pressure on en has never been greater than it is today. Battery-operated devices have unfair advantage these days. It's not a leveled playground anymore!Boys do cry sometimes. Lets be honest here: today, when girls/women are asking for dil-do they are not speaking in Hindi and are definitely not asking for your heart!

Sometimes, I feel that the desire to love outweighs the desire to be loved. Thats has to be the reason why so often, we continue to love those who don't deserve to be loved. It helps us feel emotinally employed. "Amour" becomes a career, a vacation. So, we continue to draw from our depleting inner reserves while steadily moving towards emotional bankruptcy.

Ok. All this is leading no where ... Its 1:37am ... night Night ...



RMU said...

Little:--> yea arabs are totally hot.Btw I was thinking about how long I would have to prolong this and it decided 6 months is a safe bet.But if I want to make everything even less of a fault of mine..I can just do something to make him break-up with me.B-) Genius I know.Still I need suggestions !

Charely's Teapot. said...

hahahahah! I love you Little!!!

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